Michelle Wilkie is a self-taught textile artist and designer of modern quilts. Quilting quickly became a passion, driving her creativity and providing her a great community to be part of. She experiments with a variety of modern techniques and aesthetics, though embraces Improvisation and Minimalist styles. She enjoys both these styles for very different reasons. Improvisation offers an escape, an opportunity to let go of structure and just be in the moment. Minimalism gives her an outlet for her scientific & mathematical thoughts, expressing these in a visual way.

Many of her designs are inspired by the details she finds in everyday objects, in the world around her. Objects as simple as a crosswalk, rusty set of cogs or a railroad junction have sparked an idea which she then transforms into art through stitching, piecing, constructing, editing and quilting.

She sees quilting, traditionally a women’s craft, as a story about community, the maker and our history. The versality of a quilt is truly amazing, as it can be a piece of art, or used to comfort and give warmth. Her goal through her quilts and art is twofold; continue sharing, building and supporting her community and secondly continuing to contribute to a history that has been so supportive for women.

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