Correlation is a visual used to show the interaction between two variables. This visual is typically represented as a scatterplot with either a negative, positive or no correlation. This quilt represents a positive correlation.

Correlation was created as a 100-day-project (#100daysofcoloredangles). Each day a block was created that met these parameters:

  • Each block was to include either 2 colors + white, 2 colors, 1 color + white, or a white block
  • Each colored fabric was randomly cut on an angle and stitched to the other colored fabric, white would be used for the background/ negative space.

As the project developed the blocks were arranges in a 10 x 10 grid, forming this positive relationship for the horizontal and vertical edges if the quilt. The quilting is designed to represent one large block with 3 angles similar to a block composed of two colored angles and white.

Made with high quality cotton and thread. Machine washable in cold water with gentle detergent, line dry for best results.

Dimensions: 55 x 60″
Price: $2,475 (USD)

Please contact me for more details: Electronic payments preferred (eg. PayPal)

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