Study No. 3

Study no. 3 is exploring color and its placement. It is made using larger scraps, left over from various other quilts. The black and white striped block in the middle is the anchor of this quilt. The colored quadrants are used to show the movement around the quilt, like a spinning color wheel of Reds/Oranges, Reds and Yellows, Greens, and Blues (ROYGBIV). It is pieced using improvisation technique. To highlight the movement of color, around the quilt, straight lines were quilted at vertical and horizontal directions, with a grid design in the center. 

Made with high quality cotton and thread. Machine washable in cold water with gentle detergent, line dry for best results.

Dimensions: 58″ x 82″
Price: $3,580 (USD)

For more information, please contact me at Electronic payments preferred (eg. PayPal).

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